INSTANT HOURGLASS: Define and Showcase your Curves

The ‘ideal’ body shape has changed so much over the last 100 years. One ideal we keep coming back to in style and fashion is the hourglass figure for women and there's a reason. Aside from cultural symbols of fertility and sex appeal, defining your natural waist balances your body proportions. Style science: our brains look for, crave, and love, symmetry and balance. When you create symmetry in your look, it signals to other people that you yourself are healthy and balanced; this is innately attractive. 

belt waist.jpg

Now unfortunately, not all of us were born with Sophia Loren waistlines. Lucky enough for us, some simple styling tricks can create the hourglass we all deserve. 

Belt: Adding a belt over a dress, cardigan or lose blouse defines your waist and can pull a look together. 


Fit and flare dresses, A-line skirts: I love these two shapes because they effortlessly create a waist and are perfect for gals who may want to camouflage a pear shape. 


Wrap Dress or Top: Universally flattering! It's an hourglass creator with one piece of clothing. 


Peplum Dress or Top: Highlights your natural waist while camouflaging a fuller lower tummy. My go to when I'm feeling bloated or a bit self-conscious.