STYLE SCIENCE: The Outfit Formula that Never Misses

Creating outfits is one of the most challenging parts of style. There is an entire profession dedicated to dressing mannequins and designing store windows to draw shoppers in. When pieces are put together in a store, it makes the shopper desire the items more because they can see how that top pairs with those pants and jacket. Unless you are buying entire mannequin outfits every time you shop, chances are you struggle to match the few items you might end up purchasing with what you already own. This leads to an overflowing closet with, “nothing to wear,” then the cycle loops back around. 1) Nothing to wear, 2) Go shopping and feel inspired, 3) purchase a few items you liked, 4) Add to closet, 5) Repeat. It’s a pattern that is frustrating, hard on your bank account, and even harder on your self-esteem.

Break out of that cycle with Style Science and the Outfit Formula. This four step formula walks you through building an entire outfit, using what you already own, and takes the stress out of getting dressed. 


Start with a Base Layer: This is typically a neutral-colored item that the rest of the look can build off of. Think of a great pair of jeans, a skirt, or even a neutral top.

•    Add a Color: you need an item that offers a pop of color. This can be a pair of brightly colored shoes, a bag, a scarf, a tie, a blouse… the options are endless, but it does need to add a pop of color to your look. 
•    Make it Interesting: the next ingredient in the outfit formula is to add some interest to the look. This can be in the form of pattern, color, texture, shine. Similar to the pop of color, it doesn’t necessarily matter what kind of clothing item or accessory that it is, it’s more about adding personality to your ensemble. 
•    Complete the look: No outfit is complete without a completer piece. Think of a great jacket, sweater, wrap -- something to bring the other pieces all together. Often this item can be in another neutral color, or a complementary color to the pop you picked earlier.
= An outfit with interest, style, and personality!

If you’re putting together looks and you keep thinking, “It would be really nice if I had ______,” write down your idea for a missing piece. If you find that you could use that item in five outfits or more, add it to your list for your next shopping trip. Now it’s your turn! Dive into your closet and practice building outfits with the formula. After some practice, you will be a pro in no time!

Happy styling!

Alycia Anderson
Image Consultant