GUEST POST: "Empowering Goal Diggers" by Danielle McKinney

You remember that time when you thought you were done, life was over, you’re throwing in the towel or even thinking you would die over a past relationship? Well, Look at you- living and sh*t! 


You and your past are examples of how far you have come. There was a point in time when I was like that too. Stressing over all the things I had absolutely no control over. Until I focused on everything that was right for me. I had more than enough, even when I thought I had nothing at all. I look back now and ask- How the hell did I get here? The answer is: I took chances. You see, that’s what I need you to do too. 

Don’t be scared. What’s really scary is not knowing the opportunity you’re missing out on if you don’t take that leap. Think of it as getting on a roller-coaster you were so nervous to ride for the first time. It’s slowly jerking you up that hill, chains rattling and palms are sweating; but you loved that rush on your way down. That’s the beauty of life. Don’t waste a minute of it because you can’t get that back. So you must live in the moment!

You might not be successful on your first try but you can’t give up. There are good people in your corner. I firmly believe in a strong circle.  A circle full of support and unconditional love. Check out some of the love in my circle.

I always say, “You don’t want it, if everyone else has it”. Who wants what everyone else has? I know I don’t and you don’t either. Nothing is going to come easy. Women don’t like to take “NO” for an answer and I believe that is why we are so eager to exceed past all expectations. Us women have such dynamic roles as caregivers and now phenomenal leaders as WE continue to pave the path for those following us as goal diggers. 


Goal Digger (n)

A motivated person with dreams, passion and aspirations for success they desire.

All of those ideas that popped in your head, try them out! Want that promotion? Go for it! Live for these experiences. So this week, try something new. Step out your comfort zone and let your passion show. Have a main focus and don’t let anything steer you away from that goal. The most important key is to take your time. How long it takes you to get there means absolutely nothing when you have accomplished and conquered your goal.