To Change or Keep?

In life, there are things that need to be shaken up. Elements of living that need to be re-imagined and updated every few years. There are also things that should remain in their original form and kept classic.


CHANGE your hairstyle: If you haven’t updated your hairstyle since high school, and you are no longer in high school, it’s time for a change. Make sure that your haircut and style reflect your personality but also match your lifestyle. An aspiring professional shouldn’t have unicorn colored hair (unless you work in beauty, fashion, or some other creative niche). A busy mom shouldn’t have to be worried about a haircut that takes two hours to blow-dry and style.

CHANGE your skincare routine: As we age, our skin changes and so should the way we take care of it. If you are still using the same products on your skin and it’s been more than 5-10 years, it’s time for an update. The only exception to that, sunscreen is always in style and makes for happy, protected skin.


CHANGE your wardrobe: PSA, it’s not appropriate or cute for you to be wearing the same Hollister shirt as your 14-year-old niece. It projects that you’re trying to hang onto your youth, but in a desperate way. Update the pieces you pick and the places you shop to make sure that your wardrobe grows up with you.

KEEP your hair texture: Whether you have beautiful natural kinks and curls or stick-straight hair, keep your natural hair texture. If you want to take a curling iron or some other styling tool to your hair for some variety, fine. What I’m talking about is taking extreme chemical measures to permanently alter the structure of your hair. Please don’t do it. Your natural hair texture balances with your bone structure, and is representative of your heritage. Wear it like a badge of honor.


KEEP your confidence: There’s a tendency as we get older to constantly compare ourselves to everyone else, their timeline, and their success. Keep that confidence you had as a kid dreaming ridiculous dreams and never questioning your ability to achieve them. You are amazing and I will remind you of that as often as I need to.

Happy Styling!


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