How to: Choose Glasses that Fit your Style

Glasses are being worn proudly by more and more people, especially if they aren't crazy about contact lenses. When you have been told you have to wear glasses, get excited about it. There are plenty of ways to choose glasses so that they fit with your signature style. You may even find that adding plain-lens glasses to your look without needing a prescription can be very flattering.

Make Sure They Flatter Your Face

Everyone's face is different, so the frames that look great on your best friend might not look so great on you. As you shop, keep these questions in mind:

  • What shape face do I have?

  • What colors do I primarily wear?

  • What colors am I drawn to?

  • Am I looking for a conservative or bold frame?

Once you identify the shape of your face, it’s easier to find frames that flatter you. You don’t want frames that look bigger than you are. Similarly, you don’t want frames that put pressure on your features because you purchased ones that are too small.

There are a few ways to make sure that you get a frame that fits. Allow the frames to protrude slightly beyond your face. Avoid a nose piece that pinches your nose too much. Also, be sure that the frame doesn’t put pressure on the side of your face.

It’s best to try on a few different frames. Based on your features and the shape of your face, you may find that the lenses should be perfectly circular, squared off or have an oval shape to them. Once you decide on the shape that works best, it’s easier to shop.

Treat Them Like a Favorite Accessory

Glasses can become one of your favorite fashion accessories. Think about shoes or scarves. If you love them, you probably have more than one pair so you can pick and choose the ones you want to wear based on the outfit you plan on wearing or the event you will be attending. The same can be true with glasses. You should have more than one pair of eyeglasses so that you can wear the right ones for the occasion.

Explore the Different Designs

The designs on eyeglasses have grown exponentially over the years. Explore solid colors in various hues or choose from patterns like tortoise frames, floral prints, stripes, and more. Just as you choose from various fashion trends for your wardrobe, you can do the same with glasses, too. You may want wire frames one day and plastic frames the next.

Your personal style can be expressed by having multiple pairs of glasses. It will allow you to be true to yourself without having to sacrifice your vision in the process.

If you are trying to re-brand yourself or are feeling a bit lost in your fashion, let Etch Image Solutions help! Our personal stylists can help you refine your style so you’re always looking your best.