How-to: Wear New Colors without Fear

We all have a few colors that we are interested in wearing, but are afraid that we don’t know how to put them together. Maybe you fell in love with an accessory at a vintage store, but don’t know how to pair it with anything else. Maybe you are always drawn to a certain color, but don’t feel like it’s flattering on you. However your color journey may have started, here are some tips for how you can wear new colors (or more of colors your already love) without fear. I’ve compiled a few steps, ranging from baby steps to full-on leaps— find what’s the most comfortable for you and use that tip as a starting point.

New Color? Start Small. Actually Small.

We can be especially hesitant to wear colors that we think might be ‘too bold’ ‘too bright’ or ‘too dark’— think fire-engine red, neon orange, midnight blue, or solid black. When you are trying a new color, start with something physically small. Think earrings, a bracelet or a hair accessory. That way the new color won’t overwhelm you or your features.

Keep the New Color Away from your Face

If you are worried that your new color fascination will look harsh with your skin-tone, my next tip is to wear the color away from your face. Think a brightly colored belt, handbag or neon pair of heels. In this way, you get an introduction to wearing the color, your outfit gets a chromatic boost, but you still feel comfortable.

Use the New Color as your Outfit Completer Piece

I recommend an outfit formula to take the stress out of getting dressed. If you haven’t read that article, you can check it out here. When building an outfit, you can utilize a new color as the completer piece instead of the main portion of the outfit. Examples would include scarf, jacket or cardigan in the color you are taking for a test drive.

Taste the Rainbow. Dive Right In.

If you love a color and are scared about wearing it. Do it anyways. Bust out that bright yellow maxi dress, that red pair of heels, lush green jumpsuit, or all-black ensemble. Sometimes the easiest way to be confident in a new color is to rip the band-aid off and just go for it.

However you choose to embrace color in your wardrobe, wear what makes you feel empowered, confident and authentic.

Happy styling!